Keeping Taft in Tip-Top Shape

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Keeping Taft in Tip-Top Shape

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After a nice lunch break or a snack or two, do students ever wonder who picks up their forgotten banana peels, milk cartons, and wrappers that they so carelessly leave on the ground? When students don’t clean up after themselves it is up to the custodial workers, who seem to be the only people who see the messes and take care of them. Although an aspect of custodial work is cleaning up after students, that’s not the only thing that they do for Taft. The most fundamental part of their job is to make sure the school is clean and running as smooth as possible by keeping the grounds safe from debris and the bathrooms stocked with supplies. The Custodians are some of the hardest working staff members at Taft and many walk the school grounds without any of the recognition and respect that they deserve. Custodian shifts begin as early as 6:00. They are tasked with opening buildings and going door to door to unlock the vast majority for teachers and students. During the day custodians handle deliveries, air conditioner breakdowns, and water leaks. Most of the time they are just trying to keep up with emergencies as they appear, all while trying to accomplish their daily duties originally assigned.


An interview was held with Mr. Godina, who is the Plant Manager, and Miss Florine, who is a custodian, about what their lives are like in and outside of Taft. Mr. Godina has been working at Taft for a year and a half and Miss Florine has been working here for 25 years. We wanted to know what we, as students, can do to not make their lives harder.

Mr. Godina: “I don’t think the students make my life harder. There is a lot of student participation here at this school and everybody cares about the campus and I appreciate that.”

Miss  Florine: “I would love to see them clean up after themselves more. That would help a lot.”


We then asked if there was anything that they would like to tell us, such as their hobbies and activities.

Mr. Godina: “I enjoy coming to work. I love sports, music, outdoor activities and I like being helpful.”

Miss. Florine: “I go to church, I have four kids and I love Taft and the students. Everybody treats me real good.”


Finally, we asked them what their favorite thing is about working at Taft.

Mr. Godina: “Working with the staff, everyone is very friendly and cooperative.”  

Miss Florine: “Being able to greet people and they appreciate you.”


The custodial workers are some of the hardest workers at Taft. It’s not just about changing the trash and cleaning up after everyone. They make sure that Taft is in tip-top shape, keeping things, clean, green, safe, and serene. They make students’ lives easier every day. It might not seem like a big deal, but if they weren’t helping Taft it would be a lot less sanitary and that would make being on campus less enjoyable. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that the custodial workers should be respected just as much as everyone else. Next time you see trash around on the floor or tables please pick it up and throw it away. That would mean a great deal to them. They work hard for the students and staff, we need to show our respect and appreciation for all that they do! Do your part, clean up after yourself, and leave your area better than you found it.

Mr. Godina, Plant Manager


Miss Florine