Blood Drive- Follow Up


Photo provided by @taftcharter

Taft’s annual Blood drive took place on November 2, 2018, in Taft Hall. The blood drive, hosted by Cedars Sinai and run by ASB,  collects donations on behalf of the hospitals who need it. Having this blood drive on Taft’s campus is a great way to really help out the community and people in need. The school is grateful to everyone who participated.

While many of the students had the opportunity to donate blood this year many students were turned away, or not included in the event because as minors they are not old enough to donate, or those who were old enough suffered from low iron levels. It is important to remember that your iron levels need to be up at the time of donation, so before the next blood drive make sure you are eating iron-rich foods like spinach, blueberries, and red meat.  


Look for the next blood drive in Spring, hopefully, if you have had a birthday between now and then, you will consider donating to this amazing cause.


Blood drives are especially important in times of crisis. With the fires currently raging, please consider donating if you are eligible. Local blood donation centers are listed on the Cedar Sinai website below.