Movie Review: Holiday Calendar Added to Netflix Winter Lineup

Movie Review: Holiday Calendar Added to Netflix Winter Lineup

Sela Ortiz, Writer

In the new holiday movie, “The Holiday Calendar” on Netflix, the very talented photographer, Abby, has had a tragic past year. She has a low paying job and she is also not doing very good in her love life. Her best friend, Josh, comes back into town and she is extremely thrilled with him being there. That same day her grandpa gives her a magical advent calendar that changed everything.

The advent calendar is magical. Every day of December a magical door opens revealing a little toy. What surprises Abby is that the toys relate to events that begin to happen in her day, seemingly pushing her towards a Holiday Happy Ending.  The family has a huge part in the movie, with Abby’s Grandfather playing an important role. But friendship and love make this movie great.

Personally, I really liked this Holiday feel-good romp, Netflix is really bringing romance and Holiday movies to the front and center this season. If you are looking for a romantic Christmas movie I really think this is a good one, it really put me in the mood for Christmas. I liked the idea that every day when Abby got a toy, it related to what would happen/get that day. I would recommend this to teens and I would also recommend this to people that like romance movies.

Netflix has been making a push with holiday movies this year, with The Holiday Calendar being a member of the pack, along with The Princess Switch, The Christmas Chronicles, and the follow up to the smash hit of last year The Christmas Prince-  The Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding. Have you had a chance to binge-watch seasonal movies yet? What are you watching?