Taft Club Rush Thrives Through Rain


On Friday, February 1, Club Rush was the event of the week. With over 30 clubs preparing for Club Rush, some were devastated when it was later moved to Taft Hall due to the rain, but even though Club Rush was far from the rain, it was raining spirit! With old and new clubs showcasing their passions, everyone was able to discover something that excited and intrigued them.

Many people believe that clubs are an essential part of every high school. At Taft, clubs have evolved since the 1980s in miraculous ways. Clubs have gone from basic separate-school activities to successful school-involved activities. Some students believe that clubs at Taft are a necessity for the student body because they give them the opportunity to explore and experience new things. There’s a huge variety of options open to all students.

Recently, Taft clubs have become more focused on helping the environment or getting involved in some way with the world outside of school. There are many global issue awareness clubs at Taft that help out the environment. Clubs like UNICEF assist students in becoming more aware of the world around them and help to better their surroundings. Knights N’ Ladies focuses more on local volunteer opportunities at Taft and other schools in Woodland Hills. These clubs exist to encourage students to support their communities. Students are not only invited to join these clubs, but they also look good on college applications, and students gain new leadership skills.

Students believe that clubs are essential because they are a college application booster, but they are also an excellent opportunity to explore and thrive in new fields of possible interests. Clubs allow students to broaden their horizons and share common interests with other students. In addition, they even open up doors to meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone.

At Taft High School, clubs have taken on a much more significant role with students. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to join or create a club of your own interest. When a particular club doesn’t exist students can establish one of their own. Creating a new club is not difficult. All a student needs is a teacher or school staff member to sponsor them and allow them to use their space. Additionally, students need to fill out a form with the club’s constitution which needs to be approved by the school. The uncomplicated path to creating a new club of your own interest is easily accessible.

If you haven’t joined a club yet, start looking for one you think you’d enjoy and be prepared for the next Club Rush!