Club Spotlight: Earth Club

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This month’s Club Feature is Earth Club! Earth Club has existed at Taft High School for one year with the purpose of making our school greener than ever and improving our standards for what’s Eco-friendly.


      We interviewed club co-president, Anaché Varteressian (Senior), on her position in the club. When asked about the club’s purpose she explains its primary goal is to make Taft a greener environment. Currently, they are working on the Recycling Program. Tasks they would do is collect and recycle bottles and take them to get funds for other activities. They also collaborate with engineering classes to implement better recycling bins.

      Meetings are held during Lunch On Mondays in Room D123. At the meetings, they talk about different campaigns and discuss their recycling program. Ways they try to get other students involved is through the speaker on the PA, having teachers give extra credit to students who recycle and contribute and find ways to get people to recycle more at Taft. Anaché adds that Earth Club is a “self-driven club” in the way that everyone adds new ideas and share creative ways to make Taft a greener environment.

Why was the club made?

      Earth Club was created one year ago by Anaché Varteressian and Angelica Struzinsky. They started it because they had a vision of a greener environment at Taft along with the Recycling Program. They wanted to share their ideas with other students at Taft who were also interested in making Taft more environmentally friendly. When asking Anaché about her views on Taft in relation to Earth Club, she admits that Taft can improve environmentally in some areas but are overall very cooperative in listening to their ideas. What she wants readers to remember is to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

Anaché states, “We encourage everyone to take account in their lives what they can be environmentally conscious about.

Inside the Annual Meetings

      At one of the meetings on March 4th, Earth Club combined with the Engineering Club to create and discuss a new system of recycling bins that will soon come to Taft. The bins are eco-friendly, cheap, and an improvement from the regular recycle bins. When both the Earth Club and Engineering Club combine, they make ideas and create convenient and useful ways to improve Taft environmentally. The Engineering Club also focuses on ways to initiate new advanced features for Taft overall.  

      Overall Earth Club has a great purpose and sets goals to create a better, eco-friendly environment at Taft. They collaborate with other clubs, such as the Engineering Club, to brainstorm new and improved ways to stay green and implement them to benefit the school and the students. Earth Club wants students to remember to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle!


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