Powder Puff Spirit Week- Taft Shows its Pride!

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      The vibrant colors of yellow and red in the halls, the ongoing questions of where someone bought their PJs because they were “super cute,” the uprising questions of what college people are attending due to their sweaters, and the leis hanging around peoples necks. Powder Puff week came again with students of all grades showing their school spirit! Although we did not have a powder puff game, that didn’t stop students from coming to school in their pajamas and college sweaters to celebrate the week.

      On Monday, seniors rocked their bright red attire, showing support for their very own class of 2019, while the rest of Taft rocked their own class colors On Tuesday, students in Hawaiian shirts and leis walked down the halls with their own variety of colors. On Wednesday, students showed off their college sweatshirts and jackets. On Thursday, students were barely beginning to wake up as they came to school in their robes and slippers to attend their classes. Friday, the traditional Seniors vs. Juniors day, where everyone gathered at lunch for the last pep rally of the year and the last ever pep rally for the seniors.

      Unfortunately, this year’s Powder Puff game was canceled because there were not enough players in each team to play against each other. Last year’s powder puff game was also canceled due to the fires that were happening during the time, which leaves Taft with two years without having a powder puff game.               

      Even though the powder puff game was canceled, that didn’t stop Taft from having an incredible pep rally. The marching band was playing music as students began piling into the big gym. The Taft dance team was prepared to do breathtaking performances and the cheers of the cheerleaders could be heard from a mile away. Color guard invaded the room with their skillful movements as well as their colors. The cheers and excitement from the crowd were loud enough to shake the whole gym.

      This powder puff week and pep rally was an incredible way for seniors to say goodbye and for the students of Taft to have a week of fun!