The Controversy of Pajamas at School

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Ever since elementary school, students have looked forward to pajama days at school. Kids showing up with the cutest or fiercest pj’s they owned and showing them off while admiring everyone else’s. It gave them another reason to look forward to school. Now in high school, students can wear pajamas as we please, for no other reason than they’re just tired or just want to dress differently. Wearing pajamas to school now has a new meaning, but should that be acceptable?

Taft has had many Spirit Weeks which tend to include a Pajama Day where students are allowed to come to school wearing their sleepwear, which is credited as school spirit. Students show up in onesies, regular two-piece pajamas, or a robe and slippers. This concept has been around for the longest time and it’s enjoyable for students because they feel they don’t need to worry about what to wear and just be comfortable. However, circumstances have changed, and it needs to be brought to attention: Should students be allowed to wear pajamas as they please?


Safety and Attitude Concerns

Wearing your pajamas to school can impact your safety in general. When you’re wearing house slippers to school, it can be a danger if an immediate evacuation were to happen, you could not run as well, trip, and fall. In case of an emergency, you wouldn’t want to be found wearing pajamas. People associate pajamas with sleep, so wearing them to school gives you a different attitude. Students tend to feel more lazy and tired when they wear pajamas to school and don’t have a sense of energy to learn for the day. School is for education and students should dress appropriately for the occasion of the day. Unless there is a Pajama Day announced and scheduled, it isn’t acceptable to wear your sleepwear to school.

Teacher’s Opinions

Of the seven teachers I interviewed, most concluded that they were against students wearing pajamas on non-spirit weekdays. Some had the opinion that students can wear whatever they want as long as they are still able to learn. Among the teachers who were interviewed, Mrs. Ayvazian, an English Teacher, explained that high school is a basis for the adult life and because of that students need to learn how to dress appropriately so that they are prepared for the adult life. Another teacher Mrs. Baeza, a Spanish Teacher, pointed out that if students wore pajamas regularly to school, it would take out the fun and spirit of Pajama Day. Although the teachers and adults do make excellent points, students still insist on wearing pajamas to school.



When students become adults, they won’t be allowed to wear their sleepwear to their job unless your boss permits it. Students are expected to show up to school wearing appropriate attire for the school day. If a student does not feel as energetic as they usually do, it is alright to wear sweatpants or sweatshirts. Pajamas, on the other hand, are technically not sweat-wear because the student has a whole different attitude than when they wear sweats.



Students express themselves with what they wear. Pajamas are also an expression of their attitude and personality. Mr. Connors Long, a history teacher who was also interviewed, agreed that students should have the capability and reassurance to wear whatever makes them comfortable, as long as it does not violate the school dress code. There is no rule against pajamas in the Taft Dress Code Standards Manual, but it does suggest that “Taft High School Students are expected to select clothing that is appropriate for the ‘business’ of learning.”



The standard for what’s appropriate to wear at school changes often because of fashion trends. Though students are encouraged to represent themselves and their attitude through what they wear, there’s still a line drawn for what’s proper. With the level of comfort that students want against the concerns for what’s allowed, is there any middle ground? There is, it’s sweatpants! Sweat attire, or sweatpants, have been around for decades and are always staying trendy with new designs and styles. Currently, they have taken a leap in our generation and it’s seen as casual/streetwear.

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