Behind the Scenes of The King and I

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If you haven’t already heard, “The King and I” is coming to Taft! The Theater Department is hard at work perfecting the masterpiece of Roger and Hammerstein. This musical takes place in the early 1860s and involves an exhilarating cast of characters. “The King and I” was chosen because it matches the combination of voices that make up the actresses and actors. The musical also emphasizes the empowerment of women. The dress rehearsal is on Wednesday, May 1st at 4 pm. But the regular performances are Thursday, May 2nd through Saturday, May 4th for $10 for students, $15 for the general public, and $25 for special seating in the front 2 rows.

But what goes into the making of a musical? Mr. Sehres, the director and producer, sheds some light on the complexities of putting together a show such as The King and I,

“Oh gosh. Well, there are many elements to making a musical. First, there’s casting roles. Luckily I have an amazing creative team with Ms. Ramos as musical director and vocal coach, Jane Ayva for choreography and movement, of course our fabulous stage crew class to build the set, do the lights, get the sounds, my friend Clancy to help out with the graphics, Ms. Crystal who helps me with the scheduling, and of course me!”

The behind-the-scenes of the musical often involves “Making sure scripts are in order, making sure lights and sound are working accordingly, and making sure people are staying on task.” adds Christian Castro, the assistant stage manager, who often helps out Sarah Acuna, the lead stage manager and set designer. More than the time and dedication it takes to put together the props and sets of the stage, Acuna’s job also entails taking over duties for Mr. Sehres during some of the rehearsals, and making sure the cast and crew are on track for the day’s rehearsals.

The cast and crew work especially hard to ensure that the musical is a success. Being dazzled away by the captivating show we often forget how much effort goes into the production. Many hands go into the making of The King and I, so save the date for this spectacular musical!





I can’t believe how lucky I am to be working with such talented, hard-working, dedicated, and engaged students!” -Mr. Sehres

The show runs from May 1st-May 4th! Don’t miss it!