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Taft Track and the Works

Taft Track and the Works

March 17, 2019

   Prepare yourselves! The stomping feet of the Taft track runners are coming close because Taft track and field season has finally begun! Taft Track is a spring semester sport that members train for throughout the year during 6th and 7th period. Many Taft students might go to a track meet but don’t exactly understand some specifics; what kinds of events there are, how a track meet works, etc…

Taft Track Team

In track and field there are 3 kinds of events that take place:

 •Running [which includes Sprinting (where runners run the 100m, 200m, or 400m), Long distance (runners run the 3000m, or the 5000m), Hurdles (run and jump over a hurdle either the 110/100 meters, or the 400 meters), and Relay (runners run the 4x100m, or the  4x400m)],

•Jumping (which includes Long Jump, where runners combine running and jumping to a certain point in the sandpit, Triple Jump is similar to long jump except that in this one you the runners run with leaping strides and then jump into the sand pit , High Jump Is where the competitors jump over a bar placed at measured heights without touching it)

•Throwing (which includes Shot Put, where girls throw an 8-pound ball as far as they can and the boys throw a 10-pound ball).

The points that each person gets depends on how many runners, throwers, and jumpers there are competing. For example, if there are 3 people competing, the scoring would work like this:



1st place

5 Points

2nd place

3 Points

3rd place

1 Points

            If there were 8 people completing, the scoring would work like this:



1st Place

10 Points

2nd Place

8 Points

3rd Place

6 Points

4th Place

5 Points

5th Place

4 Points

6th Place

3 Points

7th Place

2 Points

8th Place

1 Points

          From Daniela Cid, her experience with the Track team goes, “This year has been my first year as part as the Taft track and field team and it’s so far been amazing. Being part of this team has taught me so many things. One of them has been to never let anyone tell you, you can’t do it because you can do anything you put your mind to. The Taft track and field team is such an amazing team there are so many supportive members who cheer everyone up. The amazing coaches, coach Rucker and coach Lopez, help students with everything. The whole team loves to give support!”

         Other than knowing how Taft Track meets work, Taft Track and Field is a great sport to join! There are annual tryouts at the beginning and end of the fall semester to prepare for spring meets. Other than tryouts, you need to fill out a couple of forms and turn them into Mr. Drucker on the service road. The coaches are Mr. Rucker and Ms. Lopez that help and train students to become the best they can on the team and in general. Once a member, students can expect to make many everlasting friends and be part of a steadfast team, pun intended.

         The Taft track and field started their season so now that you guys know how a track meet works, come to support our track and field team at the upcoming meets!

Track Meet Schedule

-March 21: Taft VS Chatsworth (location: Chatsworth)

-March 28:  Taft VS El Camino Real (location: ECR)

-April 4: Taft VS Cleveland (location: Taft)

-April 11: Taft VS Birmingham (location: Birmingham)



2 Responses to “Taft Track and the Works”

  1. Matthew Moran on May 2nd, 2019 9:15 am

    I’m glad this article sheds light on a sport that people don’t really care about,it does a great job in explaining the scoring system and also an overview on specific races and the struggles that come with them.This article does justice to the sport of Track and Field.

  2. mia on June 7th, 2019 10:52 am

    i’m happy to see the school showing there pride and show us more activities other then boys basketball like it makes me really to the love is spreading

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