Girl Scouts are more than Cookies

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Being in Girl Scouts is more than just selling Cookies… the programs and activities unleash the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk taker, Leader) in every member. Being a Girl Scout is empowerment, community building, social development, as well as learning the entrepreneurial skills of selling cookies. This message has been prominent for the over 100 years of the groups’ existence! 

As many may or may not know, there are multiple levels of scouts as girls grow up. Daisy is the lowest level, for kindergarten and first graders, then Brownies for 2nd and 3rd graders, Juniors is 4th and 5th graders, and Cadets are 6th-8th graders. Finally, Seniors and Ambassadors are the upper high school students. Girl scouts can guide girls to help in their community, with skills like money management, these young girls can understand the meaning behind money management. This is just one of the things that girls scouts do.

Having activities like the cookie kickoff are beneficial because they help girls get ready for cookie season. It teaches the girls how to count money and give change back. It also gives them a little sneak peek for cookie season. Girl Scouts are great for girls because it teaches them a lot of things. Social development is one of the many skills that all girls acquire. Starting from a young age, girls can make a connection with girls their age. These skills of communication and expression of oneself follow these women throughout their lives. In school and workplaces, they can get their ideas across. Through the support of girl scouts, these girls are shown the real power if their actions and the magnitude of their impact on the community. Girl scouts help people in need not just worldwide but also at home. Girl Scouts help raise money and volunteer for problems that they can address like Thanksgiving meals in homeless shelters and much-needed aid in third world countries. Overall girl scouts help girls feel empowered, supported, and ambitious. Programs like this are helping the future minds of tomorrow. With skills of communication and empowerment, each generation of girl scouts brings something to the table. They each might learn different things and try different things, but at the end of the day they all learn the same thing and can relate to each other.

The next time you reach for a box of Thin Mints, just remember, that delicious chocolate covered delight represent a community of girls that empower and support each other!






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