Bucket List Before You Graduate High School

Bucket List Makes Memories

Bucket List Before You Graduate High School

Preferably at a beach or a viewpoint, music in the background, and just chilling with your friends.  Ascot Hill Park is the perfect place, and there are only a few people there on an evening. El Matador State Beach has dazzling views of the California coastline. Both perfect for pictures.

Make a bonfire

Go where it is allowed, not all places will let you make a bonfire. It’s fun when it’s a small get-together with all your friends. Dockweiler is an excellent beach to host a bonfire and so is Huntington Beach. Huntington beach has 200 fire pits while Dockweiler has 75.

Go to a festival

Festivals are tons of fun, and always a great memory! Newport Beach, on March 30, there will be a lights water lantern festival, it is a must! “SoulfulofNoise” Music Festival is another celebration. It focuses on Culture, Art, & Music.

Go to a flash mob

They are really fresh  and fun to watch. They are cool flash mobs, and sometimes there are dance battles. It’s an overall cool experience.

Go camping

Camping with friends is an experience you wouldn’t forget! Sequoia National Forest,  Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Big Bear Lake, Salton Sea, Cleveland National Forest are all beautiful places to  go camping.

Go on a road trip

Road trips are a blast if you go with the right people. Giving the aux cord to someone with the best music taste (aka you), and just talking about everything is the best!

Go to a carnival

At night the lights are unbelievable sights. You can take many cool pictures here and have fun on all the rides. Annandale Carnival April 4-14 and Potomac Mills Spring Carnival April 11-22.

Go hiking

It’s tons of fun and very adventurous. If you go early in the morning, You will hear the sound of birds. Griffith Park and Glendale peak are two FANTASTIC hiking trails that you need to check out!

Go to a concert

The adrenaline rush is out of the charts! Watch your favorite singers/rappers perform live.

Have a movie marathon/ karaoke night

Grab some popcorn and watch some films with your closest friends. Movies can range from horror to comedy, or you can end up having a karaoke night. If you have youtube on your tv, you can play any song karaoke version, and it’s so much fun!

Create a youtube video

You can film a challenge with your friends, or make some vlogs and upload it to youtube! Some examples are the whisper challenge, the cinnamon challenge, eat it or wear it the problem and so much more!

Newport beach march 30, 1000 lamps


Music festival on august 3


Annandale Carnival

April 4 – April 14

4217 John Marr Drive

Annandale VA 22003



Monday-Thursday: 5pm-10pm

Friday: 5pm-11pm

Saturday: 12pm-11pm

Sunday: 12pm-9pm

Potomac Mills Spring Carnival

April 11 – April 22

2700 Potomac Mills Circle

Woodbridge VA 22192




April 11-12: 5pm-11pm

April 13-22: 1pm-11pm