Academic Decathlon is Looking for New Members

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Academic Decathlon is Looking for New Members

Jack Morris, Writer

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The Academic Decathlon is one of the many highly-esteemed programs here at Taft, and our school is one of the most victorious in Acadeca history. Taft Charter High School has won three national championships, five California state championships, and seven LAUSD titles. It has highly-regarded alumni such as Daniel Berdichevsky and Atish Sawant, and now is looking for new members to join the program.

So, what is Acadeca anyway? Academic Decathlon is a class where students prepare for their upcoming competition with sets of literature to read and subjects to study. This is in preparation for their competitions, in which schools from across the nation gather to take different multiple choice tests (seven) to test their knowledge on a specific theme (this year it’s the 1960’s) given to schools nationwide to prepare for. Another aspect of these competitions is the speeches that students prepare for their theme, and present at these competitions. Next year’s theme is In sickness and health: medical advancements

The program while advancing your knowledge academically also helps students with their public speaking skills, future job interviews, and it allows people to find another community that they belong in and make friends along the way.

Unlike what you might assume, Acadeca is looking for students of all ages and levels. Teams generally consist of nine members, who are divided into three divisions based on a custom calculated grade point average: Honors (3.75–4.00 GPA), Scholastic (3.00–3.74 GPA), and Varsity (0.00–2.99 GPA).

If you have a passion for medicine, or would be interested in the team building and opportunities to improve your public speaking, talk to any of the Acadeca students today!

If someone is interested in joining the class, they should go to Mrs. Murphy’s room to find out about future informational meetings happening in April. If you’ve decided that it’s right for you, you can sign up for next year and change up your class schedule!

Meetings for more information will be held on April 11th at lunch in Ms. Murphy’s room (M266)  or after spring break April 25th at lunch.