Elizabeth Warren’s College Proposal

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On April 22, 2019, Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has declared that as president, she will eliminate college tuition and reduce tuition for those who have student debt. This plan will cost the country around $1.25 trillion, which is her largest estimated budget. Elizabeth stated that she find the funds to pay for this proposed plan by increasing taxes for America’s richest families and corporations. Within 10 years, thanks to these taxes, $2.75 trillion will be raised.

If she wins and her plan goes through, this will be a huge game changer for all of the students in America. Students who come from low income families will now be able to choose colleges easily without worrying the costs of tuition. However, this proposed plan does have its downsides.

Other than taxes, one of the main issues is that this will create increased pressure and therefore create more stress for students. Tuition will be free now which will open more doors to people who are not economically fit to go to college. The admissions rate will be lower than it already is and currently it is very hard for students to go college since they demand so much for their admissions. Students will now have to find even more activities to make their applications stand out. Secondly, it will create pressure for students who do not want to go to college. In the United States, it has been implemented in every child’s brain, that in order to have a good life, they must have a college education. Now if tuition was free, the general population would look down on students who choose to not attend college. Completely free college tuition would stress students even more regardless if they attend college or not.

While free tuition seems likes a good idea, it could have an unfortunate effect on our nation as a whole. A solution to this issue would be reduced tuition. Currently on average, tuition costs around $30,000 per year which is insane for an 18 year old who has just left their parents arms. Reduced tuition would change that hefty price tag to around 15k-10k a year. Still for some families this might be hard to pay so through financial aid, and they would have to pay less. And for the students who do not wish to attend college, they will not feel as bad when they turn down that option that so many others do not have. This program will have the benefits for the people who want to go to college and for those who don’t.