Why Do Students Not Like Reading?


Why are teenagers not reading anymore. Is it because they read too much already?  Some might argue that reading comments and quotes on Instagram and Twitter is enough. Scrolling through your Instagram and twitter feed has the components of news or articles but is it enough? People do more reading than the early 2000s because of new technology such as smartphones and iBooks.


Looking up definitions and words has never been easier. Some might argue reading is not that important. Checking out  a book from the library has no meaning especially when you have your smartphone on hand. But reading is not just a bunch of words with no meaning, reading is for enjoyment, a story, a biography or a fantasy. Books are a form of art that introduces new meanings or distractions than your usual reading online.

The reason people may feel like they hate reading is  because you were forced to read books that you were not interested in, given by your teachers, and that nobody took care to give you the books that you would have loved. Reading a book for a grade is way different than reading a book for enjoyment. The most important thing is to find books that you’re going to love. Every book is different and it’s guaranteed that you can find a book that you can relate to, or have an interest in .Picking a book to read can be difficult but especially when you do not know what kind of books you like. Just like movies books have different genres. Most popular books even have famous movies made out of them.

If you need help finding a book to read, there are many online quizzes that you can take, or you can also go to your local library and talk to your librarian. He/she would be more than glad to help you out.