Taft Football

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Over the past few years, Taft Football has had a few rough seasons. Taft had a losing season last year due to a lot of problems in the program. All though this may sound bad, it’s okay because we have to go through the bad times to get to the good times. Even though they haven’t seen a win in a long time, next season will be something great with a lot of improvements and lots of dubs.

Taft football had a lot of hardships for the past few years, and it’s been rough for the fans and the school itself. Since Taft is at a team low it’s going to take them a lot of hard work and dedication to improve, not much is expected from them, by working hard they can prove all the doubters and haters wrong. Although from watching their practices and seeing the improvement, we are expecting a stronger, faster, and dominant football team.

Taft is very excited for the upcoming year and season for the football team, curious on how much the team improves and dominates. This should be a good time for the future of Taft because they have a solid football team to look forward to watching and enjoying the team strive for greatness. Next year will be a turn for the team because they will improve on all aspects of their game.

So we’re all saying that they are going to improve and succeed next season, but there is a long, stressful process that requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. They are already putting in tons of work but nothing compared to what they will do in the summer. They will work every day for hours to improve their games. They work out every day with intensity and dedication either on the weights or on the field. From just two months ago, they have players who have improved when it comes to the weights by being able to lift up to 70 pounds more. They have already improved drastically and it only the beginning of the process so you can expect much more.

One of the reasons taft football will get so much better is because of the new coaching staff. They push the players to work hard in the classroom, weightroom, and on the field.They have given the players a new weight program and new training techniques on the field. The new coaches will make a big difference for the football program. They will work hard and smart to make next years team the best football team  that can be assembled at Taft High School. Head coach Tucker said “ Taft is back, get yourselves season tickets and get some for your momma too”, he had this to say after asking him what he expects from taft football.