Avengers Endgame Review


The wait is over for Marvel fans all over the world. This movie has finally answered the question if our favorite characters have come back from the snap. The movie was so highly anticipated that many fans had to wait in line for over an hour online just to purchase pre sale tickets. The movie has made over $120 million just in pre ticket sales. It has been estimated that the movie will profit over $1 billion dollars. Many critics have stated that this is one of the top films of the decade.

Fans already had great expectations for this movie since it predecessor, Infinity War, was an excellent movie. While Infinity War was tragic, it still had its laughs. However, for the Endgame the jokes were still there but they were much less and also some of them were not placed appropriately. The movie was had very nice transitions while also giving the characters depth. We got to see how the Avengers grew to people they wanted to become which is to save people. This is very different from infinity war since it showed how Thanos could have been stopped since each character had there own agenda. Now for Endgame all the characters were on the same page. Robert Downey Jr. had a excellent performance. In the beginning, you could see the trauma that Tony Stark had when he came back to Earth and how he reminisced the events of Age of Ultron and also Civil War. Throughout the movie he faced the dilemma of whether he wanted to save the people he lost during the snap or stay with his new family. The funniest one for many in the audience was Mark Ruffalo’s character, Professor Hulk. Before the Hulk was a very depressing character that had no way of controlling Dr. Banner and the Hulk. Now that the both of them have merged, it is seen that both of them have accepted who they are and are now relaxed.

If you planning to watch this movie, please watch the previous movies. If you don’t, you will be confused but luckily the movie can give you sort of the gist of what had happened for the past 10 years. This movie will make you cry and laugh and yell in  excitement that will make it worth the 3 hour running time of the movie. Avengers Endgame did conclude the Infinity War saga but it did drop some hints of what will happen in the next phase. The directors snuck in a shot of the boy who was in Iron Man. This enticed fans because it could mean he could be the new Iron Man. Who knows he might be. The movie conclusion ended in a very touching way. While there was no posted credit scene, it did have a noise in the background which has been confirmed that it is the noise that Tony Stark made when he was making his first suit.

I love this movie 3000. I can’t wait what comes next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.