What Are You Doing This Summer?

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What Are You Doing This Summer?

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Summer is soon approaching and that means more time on a teen’s hands. Summer jobs are a great way to go through summer at times, they build a sense of responsibility for a teen and not to mention getting paid. Babysitting can be a hassle sometimes and isn’t the best stable job. Getting a summer job builds character and the sooner you begin, the sooner you can learn to balance your social life and work life for the future. If you’re looking for summer jobs, look no further then this list of local places that hire teens with their minimum ages required and how much the wages are.

  1. Kumon

Description: Kumon is an afterschool program (even in the summer) which you tutor and help other students from grades PreK-8th grade advance in Math and Reading.

Ages Accepted: 15 and older

Hourly Wage: $10.50 (promotions can be given based on efforts)

  1. Postmates

Description: Receive orders and deliver food to people by legally driving to and fro.

Ages Accepted: 18 and older

Hourly Wage: Depending on orders completed, usually average $8-15 and extra tips.

  1. Starbucks/Coffee Bean

Description: Yes the classic coffee shop job most teenagers experience. Learn orders in a snap and prepare drinks for customers. If you love coffee and better yet making coffee, this is right for you! Bonus: Better than Fast food since there’s no grease and oils to ruin your skin.

Ages Accepted: 16 and older

Hourly Wage: $8-16

  1. The Mall

Description: We’ve seen it in movies and have thought about it before, working at your local mall can be fun at  stores like Forever 21, Hollister, H&M, Sephora, Vans, etc.

Ages Accepted: 16-18 depending on store

Hourly Wages: $7-23 depending on store

  1. Camp Counselor

Description: If you used to go to summer camps as a kid and one day hoped to be one of the counselors, this job is just right. Help direct kids and handle swimming, hiking, playing outdoor games, and much more!

Ages Accepted: Depending on the camp chosen, 15 year olds and above are sometimes accepted

Hourly Wages: Depending on camp and position; generally $9.28

  1. Dog Walker

Description: Find customers in your local neighborhood and watch or walk their pets. If you love animals, spending time and taking care of them is just for you!

Ages Accepted: Any age depending on what your customers are looking for

Hourly Wage: Depending on your price or the customer’s favored range

  1. Amusement Park

Description: Amusement parks can be fun to work at, Disneyland and Six Flags offers jobs for teens for seasonal terms.

Ages Accepted: Depending on position, younger teens as 14 years old may be accepted and up to 18

Hourly Wages: $7.62-14.54, again depending on position of work.

  1. Lifeguard

Description: If you want a good sense of responsibility or some fun included in the job, being a lifeguard consists of both.

Ages Accepted: 15 and up, depending on location of occupation.

Hourly Wages: $9.96

  1. Retail Salesperson

Description: Working in inventory, stocking shelves, helping customers. Depending on where you go to work, you may be given different tasks to work. Places that hire teens include Adidas, American Eagle, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Gap, and more.

Ages Accepted: Ranges from 16-18, depending on location and job given.

Hourly Wages: $9-17 depending on location

  1. Movie Theater Worker

Description: There are many tasks and benefits of working at your local movie theater. Working the snack bar, the ticket booth, cleaning crew, and more.

Ages Accepted: Minimum 14 years old

Hourly Wages: $6.15-17.96

There are many more opportunities and available jobs out there for teens, however these were the basic and most local listed above. Regardless of where you’re looking, keep in mind that different locations require different ages and pay differently. Good luck to all looking for jobs and enjoy your summer nevertheless!