Promposals Were In The Air

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As Prom has come and gone once again, many couples, in preparation for the big night, decided to show their love for one another by creating cute posters to ask a date to prom. In high school, it’s a tradition to prompose to someone that you want to go with. This years promposals were very special, featuring Taft couples and their creative promposals.


David Tahoor and Daria Shigin

David was standing outside of B building waiting for Daria, while Daria’s friends were holding his poster and waiting for her  to come outside of B building.As David was holding flowers waiting for Daria, Daria finally came out, gave david a hug and said yes!


Abcde Balgoa and Nicolas Agrillo

“So how did he prompose?”  I asked. Abcde said, “I was supposed to meet them at San Clemente Pier but no one was able to give me a ride, so he made his dad drive 1 and a half hour to pick me up and drive me back to San Clemente Pier.” We were at the beach and he said “I left my beach bag in the car, just stay with my dad.” His dad was taking photos of the view and said “I wanna go where the flag and the marine statue are.” We went there and saw him in his uniform. Nick said “sorry can’t make it to prom but still wanted to make that big gesture” “lowkey was scared that you’d get the wrong idea and you’d think i was able to go”

Caitlin Cadena and Eric Barcenas

“Well it started when we were trying to buy our tickets, we found out that he was not eligible. We were so sad and even more distraught when he told me he was going to ask me to prom that same day at lunch. We talked to our counselor and we wouldn’t know if he was able to go until the next day. Little did I know later in the evening he emailed his counselor and she told him he was approved to go to prom!!! Eric did not tell me. He wanted to surprise me, so the next day at lunch I was waiting for him in a classroom with my friend and he was taking so long I didn’t know what the heck he was doing, then my friend said she had to use the bathroom so I’m getting my stuff together and I’m walking with her outside C building and I got handed a note and I opened it and it said “we’re approved” I was confused and in shock, the minute following, we go outside and I saw him with a huge poster that said “Every Prince needs his Princess…Be Mine At Prom? and a bunch of his friends and other people were there and I was in SHOCK and so HAPPY!!! And he kept saying I’m approved! “I can go to prom! “And I was  about to burst into tears of happiness and I said “ REALLY!?” And I ran to him, hugged him and said yes!”

Kevin sayari and Erin Elital

“I usually sit in class during nutrition. Then Kevin called me and asked me to go outside. The first thing that popped up in my head was “oh no what did he do this time.” I walked outside expecting him to be there with administration, but when I walked outside and I was taken by surprise by the flowers and the poster.I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Nicole de leon and Josh Raabe

So after the dance concert, I was taking pics w everyone on the team and stuff, and then my makeup was kinda coming off from all the sweat and so I was talking to diana and was like should I take off my makeup and she was like “no, you’re going to dinner keep it” and I was like “it’s just my family, it doesn’t matter” and she said “just keep it on, we need to go” and yeah every time I was close to leaving, someone would stop me to take a pic and stuff and at least like 4 people came up to me and was like someone’s looking for you outside and I said “nah, its cool it’s just my family, they’re hungry” so I took my sweet time, and then when I finally left, I went back in to say bye to the coaches and when we were walking to the car, I was on my phone seeing if anyone took a vid of me during concert. As we were walking down the stairs from the cafeteria,I looked up and I saw a bunch of people w flashes on and i was like “omg what’s happening, is there a promposal?” and I realized it was for me…