Campus Thrift Shop

Taft Boutique
By: Joshua Gomez

Mrs. Videra and Mrs. West have been running the fashion program L’Atelier at Taft since 2003 and it’s still going strong. Through this there is a store in Taft Charter High School, called L’Atelier, the L’Atelier, they have clothes, shoes, and accessories all for great prices. Student work in the boutique and it can be advantageous to students as it is similar to a real job. I interviewed Mrs. Videra, fashion teacher at Taft. She explained that the store is open to everyone to come and check out. They provide major discounts 3 times a year, listen for dates to be announced on the PA and look for posters for more information. Mrs.Videra gets her clothing donated and recycled. Shed also tries to get students a taste of the real world, and says “L’Atelier is a real experience.” Mrs. Videra does many things in fashion, like developing clothing brands, teach history and inspire students about fashion. Personally, I am not a fashion person but Mrs. Videra inspired me about my own clothing. I have friends that work in the L’Atelier boutique, and they explained that they enjoy it. They say it feels like an actual job, doing various tasks like ………… . In the boutique, there are lots of accessories, such as rings, purses, scarves and much more. They also have vintage shoes, pants, suits and etc. Fashion student J said “We have a nice thrift store, that is warm, welcoming, and a good cost.” Go and check out the Taft Boutique AKA as I called it the “Thrift Shop”