Taft Football Aims For a Successful Season


Temaj Tucker

Taft football raising their helmets for the first game of the season.

Taft High School football has been struggling to have a thriving season for the past 4-5 years, but this season they aim for a better one as they have been preparing and training for this year’s matchups. Since last year, Taft has struggled to win games and even score a touchdown in general. While this could make a team feel defeated, Taft Football took it as a challenge. This season they prepare to improve offense with a strong desire to win games. The head coach, Coach Tucker, has made new game plans this season to try and see how the team adapts to the new structure and discipline. Often the team has been judged and criticized by fans, students and even schools or coaches but have always looked at the silver lining and seen the good side, trying to look at what they can do to improve, rather than lament on what went wrong in the past.

With a new coach and a striving attitude to improve, Taft is looking forward to a season of change. The team has recently received new players as many people tried out for football this year. In a recent interview with a senior playing on varsity he was asked how he sees the team this year and his response was “I don’t know if we will still be a football team after this season” but still has hope for the team and knows they can improve until they become better and start winning games. After each Friday game, the entire team watches the game tape to recap and analyze what went the way they planned, and how they can improve in the future. This reflective attitude will continue to guide them throughout the season as they try to reach the goals they set as a team. This has helped the team realize their gaps and opened areas to what they need to work on to be better both defensively and offensively. As a team, many people hope for them to win a game and have support from many people on campus. The season has already shown improvements from last year, with recent games seeing points on the scoreboard. Although they have not won a game yet, the Toreador Football players show that they have passion for the game, and want to improve. They have each tried to the very end and gave it their all. We all hope for a better season and even if they aren’t successful we will still be cheering them on from the sidelines. T-House!!

Temaj Tucker
Taft football facing El Camino High at home.