The All-New iPhone 11


The iPhone has many different colors and is available at many different places including online.

As we all know the iPhone 11 was just released on September 20, 2019, and is available in purple, yellow, green, black, white, and red.

The iPhone’s capacities and prices are\; $699(64GB)\; $749 (128GB)\; and $849 (256GB). iPhone 11 Pro will retail at $999 and the Pro Max will retail at $1,099

The features of this new iPhone have been slightly renovated since the release of the iPhone X. The camera has cool new features like, night mode which brightens your photo in low light and it reduces noise. The 11 Pro and Pro max have unmissable cameras, yes you read that correct, cameras. As you may have seen three cameras on this phone, no your eyes do not deceive you, these cameras look silly but they make your photos and videos look even better than before. Camera features include wide-angle, a telephoto camera, and an ultra-wide-angle. Apple also added a quick feature similar to Instagram and Snapchat, to take a video quickly press and hold the camera button. You can now take slo-mo videos with the updated front camera.

The battery life has also been updated, according to the battery life lasts one hour longer than the iPhone XR’s. You can get up to 17 hours of video playback, 10 hours of streamed video, and 65 hours of audio playback. That’s a pretty intense battery life.


Now you’re probably wondering is it really worth the money. Who wouldn’t want all 6.84 ounces (11), 6.63nounces (Pro), or 7.97 ounces (Pro Max) of this stunning, new iPhone?. You do get a more advanced camera (or three), and slo-fies (slow motion selfies) for whatever your mind can imagine, faster speeds for all your mobile games (Minecraft all the way we all know it’s the truth). It’s cheaper than previous models, from $399 with iPhone 8 Plus trade-in or $17 per month or $699 without a trade-in (iPhone 11). Now compared to the X it seems like a complete steal.

Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 11?

Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 11?

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