Welcome to R Building


As we know, R building just reopened at the beginning of the 2019 Fall semester. Was reopening the building worth it for the students of Taft High?  Students have seven minutes to get from class to class, sometimes that gives you time to use the restroom or get your books from your locker. When you have to go all the way to the secluded bungalows of R building all you have time for is walking (really a brisk trot). Should teachers be more understanding as to why students are tardy when crossing campus to and from R? Should teachers give students extra time to get to class?  Some people were interviewed to see how they feel about bringing back R building.

I interviewed the Principal of Taft, Mr. Steiner, about how he felt about R building. He says he does get a lot of complaints, mainly because it is a very far walk to a very secluded part of campus. Students tend to like it there because it’s quiet and it has nice new bathrooms. He walks on the road to R building every day at nutrition and lunch usually for supervision so he understands that it is a long way for students to walk. Even though we are over the “typical” passing period by two minutes, there has been some discussion about changing the bell that rings in R building exclusively, because it is so far and most students come from B building or D building and it is quite a walk. He too thinks it is important for kids to have enough time to get up there and in class. If the bell does change it would only be between 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and 5th and 6th periods because there is plenty of time for students to get to their class after nutrition and lunch. There was a chance of another independent Charter School taking possession of those R building classrooms unless Mr. Steiner made sure we were using all of the components of our campus and not leaving anything abandoned. Another issue that would occur if the building was abandoned would be vandalism and other things students shouldn’t be doing in school and it wouldn’t be safe for students because there wouldn’t be any adult supervision. He also states if there are any ideas or concerns they are always looked at and discussed. Everyday is looking better and better for the teachers and students who are creating positive classroom culture out in R. There is also talk about a wellness center for students, which will be brought up in the near future, to be opened in that area. It would fit very well because the health classes and sports medicine are all back there. Steiner thinks the teachers there are doing very well with all the adjustments, their classrooms and creating a nice environment for the students. A solution to the time crunch for students is to prepare for your two classes after nutrition and lunch during nutrition and lunch.

I also interviewed Sophomore Nathalie Imamoto she says it was hard to adjust during the first few weeks of school. After that, she said it wasn’t that difficult after she got used to it. She comes from lower D building and then goes to R for the second period. She prepares her books for periods 1 and 2 before 1st period begins so it doesn’t slow her down.

Lastly, I interviewed English and College and Career teacher Ms. Casas. She’s been working at Taft for the past three years and she’s moved classrooms every year and that made it difficult on her part. She believes that R building allows the health and wellness program Mr. Steiner was also talking about. She is understanding of the struggles students have to go through if they come from across campus. She doesn’t mind if students come into class within a two-minute span as long as it is not abused. Students should be relaxed when they get into class so they are comfortable, ready to learn, and shouldn’t have to run to beat the bell.

All in all, there are many pros and cons about the grand reopening of R building. I’ve heard many students complain about their daily walk to R, but it also allows there to be a health and wellness program, so the benefits to our campus as a whole outweigh the discomfort of a long walk.