Taft’s Fashion Trends

October 6, 2019

Taft’s Fashion Trends

Today’s fashion is followed by a vast majority and you can see hundreds of brands being worn by students, adults, entertainers, and celebrities because of the major impact it has on the audience. There are high-end brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, that are seen on almost all celebrities. Then there are brands seen on a daily basis like Nike and Adidas for example, that are worn by teenagers at schools and out in public. At Taft Charter High School fashion trends are followed or seen by at least 90% of students by asking and interviewing sophomores and juniors. In a recent poll, we asked students how much they follow fashion and at least 75% said that they love clothes, shoes, pants that are trendy and are being worn by their idols or role models as in, for instance, Lebron James.

Fashion to this day has become more popular because of the influence of young teens that buy what they see other people wear on social media, in magazines, and on TV. At Taft, from Freshmen to Seniors, everyone has their own style or ways they like to dress. There is a mix of high-end popular brands and more affordable brands that are unique at Taft. There is diversity between hundreds of students that attend school and each Taft student likes or knows fashion in one way or another. Artists or rappers and influencers tend to impact most if not all individuals’ way of dressing or seeing fashion and it’s perspective.

Taft even has a fashion course that teaches students about what fashion is all about, and what it takes to be able to be a fashion designer. This gives students a glance at what clothes, shoes, and apparel are and the audience it leads and has. There are not many schools that offer this type of course and not many that have the opportunity to take this. There are millions of dollars being spent on the making and buying of clothes to this day, and many companies rely upon influencers or trendsetters to promote their company or acknowledge it, to get a bigger audience and attract more customers. Kids and adults on average spend 25% of their money on buying luxury items and clothes, shows a recent research done by Stadium Goods. A student at Taft said, “all the clothing I wear is based on today’s fashion”. There will always be fashion in the culture of teens and young adults and will diversify massively throughout the years as it becomes more popular to buy the latest clothes and shoes out.

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