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The ACT’s changes will help students succeed.

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Beginning in September 2020, the ACT will introduce three new ways to make students’ experience with the test easier and more helpful when applying for colleges. These changes should be appreciated by students by making their test-taking experience and college application process more positive. 

First, it will now be possible to retake specific sections of the test (English, math, reading, science, and writing) instead of retaking the whole test. This should encourage students to try to improve their scores without having to worry about having to sit through the whole three-hour test. The ACT’s Chief Commercial Officer, Suzana Delanghe, told CNN, “the single-section retake will be less expensive than taking the complete ACT again”. This will make the test more affordable for many students which will also motivate students.

In addition, students taking the ACT will be able to take the test on a computer rather than on paper. Next year, only some test centers will have this option, but it will eventually be available everywhere. Testing online will also allow results to be returned much quicker. According to the ACT’s website, it could take only two days instead of two weeks.

The ACT will also be introducing “super scoring”. If a student has taken the test two or more times, their best scores will be combined into one “super score”. This will benefit students when they apply for colleges and scholarships. 

 “These new options are breakthroughs based on research and the latest technological capabilities, as the testing industry moves into the 21st century.” Delanghe said. Hopefully, these changes will encourage ACT takers to improve their scores.