Taking Recycling to the Extreme – The Zero Waste Movement

November 4, 2019

Lauren Singer is a 28-year-old environmental advocate who first became known for accomplishing to fit all the trash she produced within the course of 4 years into one tiny mason jar. She continues to live a zero-waste lifestyle and has a blog called ‘Trash is for Tossers’, where she chronicles how she is able to live this lifestyle while providing advice to help others do the same. The 28-year-old woman is also now the CEO of 2 business called the “The Simply Co.” and “Package free”.

Singer majored in environmental studies in college. She made the conscious decision of living a zero-waste life in 2012, after noticing that one of her classmates brought lunch to class every day with a single-use plastic bag, a disposable water bottle, and a plastic takeout container. Singer had just recently come across Bea Johnson, a Californian woman who made little to no waste. She started her zero-waste lifestyle following the steps of Johnson, so she could not only claim to love the environment but also live like she did. Singer’s garbage collection from the past 4 years strictly includes items that New York’s recycling center doesn’t take.

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Most of her garbage consists of plastic clothing tags that come inside clothing, desiccants that come in vitamin bottles, saran wrap, product stickers, credit cards, plastic price tag loops, lids, gaffers tape, plastic straws, hair ties, plastic band-aids, wristbands from festivals, and ribbons from gifts she received.

Her blog “Trash is for Tossers” documents her zero waste journey, and represents the lifestyle as simple, cost-effective, fun, and entirely possible for everyone and anyone to follow. The blog talks about how small changes that people can make, such as switching a plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one or using reusable utensils, can lessen the impact on the environment. The online website also sells package-free organic items to consumers, so it is easy to make the one-time switches and order online while having no serious impact on the environment. The website also has some other useful information such as a recipe for zero waste homemade dog treats, skin and hair care routines, things you can do with leftover materials, and a guide to a zero-waste lifestyle for college students.

“Simply Co.” is Singer’s own company where she sells organic, vegan and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. While her second business, “Package free” sells household, beauty, and grooming products that have no plastic or non-recyclable packaging. Singer’s main goal is to help others understand and realize that living a zero-waste lifestyle isn’t that hard or expensive, in hope that other people will, in turn, start this lifestyle to protect the planet.

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