Lesser Known Places Around the World

Aviva Javaherian, Photographer

If there’s one concept that unites humans, it’s dreaming. It’s what we do when we sleep, as well as sometimes when we are awake. It’s what we analyze to see what our insides think. It’s what we share when we predict in the future that we might feel bliss. Sometimes, it’s hard to dream of good things when the clouds get dark and we’re trapped inside the grey cage. But, luckily, there are places we can introduce to our brain to slow down time and escape the danger. Some are mentioned below.

1. Tony Duquette’s Dawnridge (Beverly Hills, California)

Tony Duquette Studios Inc.

Legendary interior and jewelry designer Tony Duquette did not live in a simple fashion. His house that he shared with his wife, Elizabeth Johnstone from the 1950s is consumed with the decor and style of the 1600s-1800s. From floor to ceiling, the eye is entertained with fabrics, art, and rich colors as well as the architecture among the greenery in the garden. Sadly, the house is not a museum open to the public, but you can imagine a baroque day spent in Duquette’s beautifully designed home.



2. The Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library (Williamsburg, New York)


In the city that never sleeps lies a place full of over 40,000 64-page sketchbooks filled with original art and writing to stay up reading. Yes, a lot of the collection is digitalized, but even more books and better service are readily available in person. Sadly, you can’t take the books home, but feel free to flip through as many as you want. 


3. Las Pozas (Xilitia, Mexico)

Once Upon a Journey

English poet and artist Edward James is the man behind this surreal installation surrounded by lush plants. It is easy to get lost in the 30-plus structures while trying to find the nine pools the garden was named after. It is even more easy to get lost in the question of whether some ancient world resided there. We may never know, but it never hurts to ponder.


4. Marché aux Oiseaux (Paris, France)


Once a week on Sundays, The Paris Flower Market turns into The Paris Bird Market. Big and little birds alike are gathered around in a park just walking distance from the Notre-Dame. You can admire the parakeets, parrots, canaries, and macaws as well as chickens and hens in their own separate area. Hear them sing or squawk and get lost in their colors and personalities.



5. Asilah, Morocco

For those who enjoy the activity of doing nothing at all and exploring for the fun of it, this white-washed wall city has pops of blue everywhere. From the sea to the art painted on the walls, the primary color unites the town. You can take a bike ride, people watch, or simply take a visit to the market. This is a much more peaceful place compared to a stressful day in your hometown.


These aren’t the only places in the whole wide world and of creation to escape in. Many are found in the creases of books, popular or unpopular. A portion is found by letting a work of art melt into the stage of your brain where those works come to life. A ton is just waiting for you to discover in between the lines of code of your phone or computer screen. So, set out on a fast or slow sailboat and sail away from this storm.