Teens Addicted to TikTok


As teens today become more attached to social media, they are also becoming addicted, and one app fueling this addiction is TikTok, the social media platform where you can make 15-60 second videos. From jokes to cosplay to science, the app has it all. TikTok has been known to rocket seemingly unknown teenagers into the stratosphere of celebrities and create the newest trends. Who wouldn’t want to watch looping videos all day? It seems like a lot of fun, right? As crazy as it might sound, it’s kind of a nice way to let off some steam. However, the app is easy to get lost in, and hours and days can pass in a flash without realizing it. This can lead to a loss of sleep, and an inability to focus.

There are so many trends and challenges that originate from TikTok, that it is almost hard to keep track. They are fun to make and watch, and they range from people telling stories, to jumping on to the newest dance trends. The insanely popular app is available on iOS and Android which makes it even more accessible.

So how is TikTok so addictive? With its continuous scrolling, the music and hilarity never stops. You could never call TikTok boring, and there is a constant stream of content for the viewer. It’s not only silly trends, but there are also a vast variety of people on this app. As you use the app, it calibrates to what you are interested in, using your data, to show you a “for you” page that is full of content that the app assumes you will enjoy based on your previous likes and interactions. TikTok seems to know you.

The app also creates a seemingly endless stream of followers and possible likes for the content creators. Causing addiction and intense manic pressure to get more likes and followers with every video. People watch the videos, and want to join the trend to see if they can blow up into stardom and possibly end up on the “For You Page”. This page is where creators can get featured and earn even more likes. And not only creators that are popular end up on the For You Page. Anyone can go viral, it seems, on TikTok. This app is for the people.

Yes, this app seems to be all fun and dandy but this is a social media platform that we all know has its dangers. Social media, along with other addictions, causes us to constantly want more. The addiction is similar to that of drugs and gambling, causing serotonin to flood your brain and once you get hooked on that feeling, you are constantly looking for the next “hit”.

On a positive note, you can control your addicting habits by limiting your screen time. Choose specific times of day when you will check the app, designate certain hours for “social media time”. You can even set up controls on your phone that will limit the amount of time you use a specific app, for example, TikTok, where after a certain amount of time, you will get restricted from that chosen app. We can all work on putting our phones down for a few minutes and enjoy the real world. Take a walk, meet up with friends, and choose to make it a phone-less adventure. Although it may be difficult and take a lot of willpower, I believe we can do it, because after all, I am addicted too.