Do Teens Want To Stand Out Or Fit In?

November 4, 2019

Many teenagers want to stand out in school but due to the fear of being judged, they choose to make choices that have them fit in. An anonymous student at Taft said, “that they can’t be who they are because they are scared of other people’s judgment so instead they put on a whole persona to fit in with the crowd.” Truly being yourself is just another form of standing out because you are unique and there is no one like you. Every teen is sometimes scared of what others think of them even if they are truly happy with themselves and don’t care what all these people think about them. Teens have so many options for standing out. Some would like to stand out based on what they wear (Nike, Gucci, Chanel, BAPE, Supreme) what they do (Promposals, TikTok, Vaping), and how they treat others (standing up to bullying, being an activist and participating in protest rallies). Honestly, it depends on the person and their mindset if they would want to stand out or fit in with their peers.

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The judgment of others is scary, it’s one of the many obstacles that teenagers have to face daily. The fact that some kids in certain classes who feel threatened and scared by their peers in the first place is disgusting. Instead of us looking down on others we should bring them up and encourage them to be themselves and I guarantee if we at least enforce kindness and acceptance more teens would be happy to go to school..
You never know the situation others are in. While you are focusing on what a friend might be wearing, ask your friends how they are. Maybe they can’t afford the clothes their peers are wearing? Those new shoes on your feet might not seem like a big deal, but $200 could be the difference between keeping the lights on at home, or food on the table. Some low-income families can’t afford some of the more quality shoes or clothes others might have Fashion bullying is a thing and is something teenagers don’t wanna go through because we are insecure about some of the things we wear to school and if it’s cool or not. There is standing out in a bad way like bragging about what you have which is simply wrong. And standing out because you can’t afford the newest trend. Words do hurt and how you talk to other people can affect them in more lasting ways than most realize.

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Some teenagers don’t care about what others think these are more of the independent types. They might be insecure about some things but they don’t care how others treat them or don’t make others have a factor in their personality. These people are leaders and peer pressure doesn’t faze them which is incredible. You can be insecure about some things but if you know other people’s perception of you and if you don’t let that bother you you’re a legend. We all hide in a shell before and some people now haven’t come out but I’m here to say the time is now to let people know your name and what you are worth. There are over 7 billion people on the earth and not 1 of them is exactly like you because you’re special

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