Best Cars for New Drivers


Today, parents have to worry about their high school student on the road. As if they didn’t have enough to worry about already. Sure parents might trust their kids on the road, but anything could happen, it would give them peace of mind that no matter what, their kids will be safe. Getting behind the wheel may still be new to some of us, it takes time to develop the habits of a good driver. Here is a list of 2019 cars with outstanding safety features.

The 2020 Subaru Impreza starts at $18,695. Subaru uses a feature called EyeSight, which gives the driver a bird’s eye view. It helps to inform the driver is they are swaying out of their lane, watches traffic flow, and to enhance cruise control. It also offers an automatic pre-collision braking system which could allow you to fully brake in emergency situations. Lane Assist is another feature that the Subaru provides, it could steer you back into your lane if you drift off your lane. If you do come across any problems on the road, there is a STARLINK feature called Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, which notifies first responders of an airbag went off. Blind-Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, with visual indicators on each rearview mirror. They let the driver know which side a car is passing by.

The Volkswagen Passat starts at $25,295. The way the car was built was to absorb front and back impacts, a safety cage us used to keep the impact away from the passengers and driver. It has an extremely helpful feature called the intelligent crash response system which, when in the case of a collision, the car automatically knows to turn off the fuel pump, unlocks the doors and turns the hazard lights on. An automatic braking system helps the car slow down before an accident and reduce the chances of there being more impacts.

The 2020 Volvo S60 starts at $36,050. The S60 offers many interesting safety features, one of which being active bending lights, this feature is pretty cool and helpful, while you turn your steering wheel, the headlights move accordingly, illuminating tricky corners and curves in the road. The blind-spot recognition is represented here too, signaling when a car passes by on the right or left side of your car. Collision Mitigation Support, Rear Collision Warning system works when a vehicle approaches fast from behind, the system will calculate if a collision will occur. If said collision is unavoidable, the safety belts will create tension before the occurrence of the collision to keep all passengers as safe as possible. The system will also activate full auto-braking if your car isn’t in motion. Lane assist, pretty self-explanatory, if your car drifts away from its lane it will alert the driver to readjust.

The 2020 Ford Fusion as well as many many other cars today, has blindspot warnings, a rearview camera, lane assist, and pre-collision assist, and auto high beam headlights. This is a pretty useful feature, as some of you may experience driving down an unlit road you would typically turn your high beams on and forgetting to turn them off blinding other drivers. This feature allows your car to turn your high-beams on when necessary and off in a situation where you wouldn’t need them.