Time Management and Social Media

Time management is a skill that is hard to acquire especially for teens. Time management is essential and brings many benefits to people who use this skill. Benefits include less stress, a decline in procrastination, and better efficiency. Technology is very influential in today’s society and is especially popular with millennials and gen Z. Now more than ever the use of technology is exposed to kids at a younger and younger age. It is now common for kids to have cellphones in elementary school. Most parents say it is for “emergencies” to validate their young child having a phone. What these phones usually do in children is causes instant gratification. Instant gratification is the desire to experience fulfillment immediately. Our phones are major instant gratification because at a mere google search one can instantly find one-million-plus answers and websites. Schooling requires practice and patience which is the opposite of the Instant gratification phenomenon. Many students use their phones during their classes rather than listening to their class instructor and making an effort in their studies. When students become impatient with their studies they tend to use their phone instead. According to CNN 45% of 10 to 12-year-olds in the US have a data plan. According to USA today, 41% of teens (less than half) of teenagers had a  phone in 2012 which has now risen to a whopping 89%. These young adults do know that there is a problem with their phone addiction because 47% of teens admitted to their phone addiction. Overall students w ho lack time management receive lower grades, procrastinate more, have unhealthy eating habits, are impatient, rushed, and much more. Technology although a blessing is fundamentally detrimental to time management and the performance of many students. 

Weekly hour average on Taft teen’s most-used app:

If you’re spending as much time on social media as these students, here are some tips to help reduce your time on social media.

  • Use Screen Time or a similar app to help limit the time allowed to your social media. If you have an Android, try using Google’s Digital Wellbeing to limit your usage.
  • Turning off social media notifications to help keep social media off your mind may also help
  • Stop using your phone as an alarm clock. Don’t even keep your phone within reach at night. Your phone should not be the last thing you see before bed nor the first thing you see in the morning.
  • Don’t use your phone after 3pm.

It’s important to manage your time to keep your stress levels low and good time management leads to less procrastination.