Body Conditioning At Taft

December 9, 2019

Exercising is significant in people’s daily routine, with benefits such as expanding your life span, or gaining a greater appreciation for your body. It may also be beneficial towards your sleeping schedule and the ability to be more versatile with your movements.
A body conditioning class at Taft Charter High School can be very beneficial to many students who want to start getting into weights and exercising regularly. In this class, students will learn all they need about working out properly and not getting hurt. It could be difficult for some to fit working out into their daily schedule. However, having a class for body conditioning could help them get onto the right path. Not only can it help students adapt to exercising regularly, but the class will also provide the individual with a lot of knowledge on how to properly work out. Many people go into a gym having no idea how to properly use the weights which leads them to have to take time off the weights and exercise due to injuries. Even worse, they can mess up their joints, leading them to experience a lot of pain once they get older.
Taft senior, Israel Lasarow, also had an input on the idea of a body conditioning class at Taft\;
“I think it is a good idea because a lot of students do not want to play sports but still want to be in good shape. They can learn the correct way to work out and not have to pay for a gym membership, which can be very expensive these days. If I were around and a class like this was at Taft, I would definitely take it.”
With a hired professional, students would all be set on the right path for a bright future in body conditioning. The hired professional would have to be a fitness instructor who is good with his/her craft. Patience, the ability to explain things clearly to others, the ability to motivate others, and communication would be key for a great instructor. There are many great fitness instructors ready to help teenagers be on the right path to be fit for a lifetime.

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