Best of 2010s Disney Decade

Best of 2010s Disney Decade

February 10, 2020

Disney has played a major role in our lives through their iconic tv-series with memories we hold dear surrounding them to this day. We have followed the actors through their hardships. This past decade was filled with shows we adored and took so many jokes from. Here is a list of how some shows did and why we love them. These may live in your subconscious memory for the rest of your life.
Disney Channel:
Jessie: A show about a wealthy family of adopted children with the exception of the oldest, Emma, that couldn’t keep a nanny for more than a week until they acquire Jessie, and the day to day tribulations.
It’s a nice sitcom that shows family can be more than blood. They also were rewarded with a spinoff called Bunk’d.
Rating: 8/10
Seasons: 4


Ant Farm: The main character, Chyna, is picked to join a group of students with advanced or abnormal talents in a special program that her brother’s high school offers. We follow her journey of going to high school at a young age and sharing her musical talent.
A family show filled with laughs, life lessons, and a cliffhanger you’ll despise.
Rating: 9/10
Seasons: 3


Good Luck Charlie: Follow Teddy Ducan and her family through everyday challenges. Ending each day with a video diary of a recap and advice for her only sister to watch when she’s older.
A good laugh from jokes you might miss if you don’t pay close enough attention. Even if you miss them the faux audience doesn’t.
Rating: 10/10
Seasons: 4


Disney XD:
Lab Rats: As per the theme song, this show has 3 bionic teens living in the basement of Donald Davenport’s home. Hidden from the world, only for Davenport’s new son-in-law to discover them.
After their success, davenport creates more that you see in a new show, Lab Rats: Bionic Island. If you still want to watch this dynamic group fight normal and supernatural beings then follow them to the newly formed group of Lab Rats the Elite Force.
Rating: 9/10
Seasons: 4


Kickin’ It: A new kid arrives with once-in-a-generation karate talent to Wasabi Dojo. He joins an unlikely group of sweet misfits to experience life, karate and being chill.
Rating: 9/10
Seasons: 2


Pair of Kings: A pair of fraternal twins learn they are kings of an island after being raised by their aunt and uncle in Chicago.
Rating: 7/10  Seasons: 3

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