Meghan Markle Prince Harry Step Away the Royal Family

Max Mumby

For a while now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been deciding if they should step down from the royal family. Recently they made a decision to take a step back from all the spotlight and the responsibilities from the royal life. They would like to take less high ranking roles.  Forbes journalist Sonia Thompson wrote about their statement at the beginning of the year, as they expressed that they have become financially stable and would like to spend most of their time in the U.K . and North America. Currently, the citizens in the U.K believe that it is Megan Markle’s fault for Prince Harryś’s departure from the royal family. The couple now resides in Canada free from the responsibilities and the pressure from being royalty. A Forbes article reported Megan Markle had received such tough treatment from the press because of her race and she didn’t even feel like she belonged there because of it.

Toby Melville

 It’s very sad that the family will not get to see Archie grow up as much as they would like too. Archie will grow up without strong bonds with his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Prince Charles has only seen Archie a few times after he was born. He believes it will be hard to bond with Archie because of the distance and he won’t have an as strong connection if they were really close to each other. The family has now moved to Canada where they will live the rest of their lives. Now Archie will never be able  to have a strong and special bond with his family like he would have if his parents had stayed in the royal family


The Prince and the Princess will not take any duties from the Queen now since they have been stripped of their titles of the Duke of  Sussexes. Now the couple promised to pay at least 3-4. Million in taxes used to renovate their room in the Windsor Castle. Since the departure from the family, the former Prince and the Princess now need to find and come up with a new last name for their family. In an interview with the couple, they gave their son Archie the last name Harrison. There are many speculations that this will be the last name since it is something that they all can share.

 In a statement that the queen wrote she addresses that she is very supportive of her Grandson’s decision of leaving the royal family to start a new life. The queen also says “ I think they are good. They are looking for a normal life.” Even though she would’ve rather had them stay she supports their decision. ̈  Harry, Meghan, and Archie will always be much-loved members of the family.¨ The queen has recognized the challenges they have experienced over the 2 years and supports their wish to live an independent life.