Emergency Contact Book Review

Mary H.K Choi’s book Emergency Contact is a book of young adulthood. Emergency Contact is about a girl named Penny Lee who is heading to college in Austin, Texas to pursue writing. She meets Sam who is a 21-year-old who works and lives in a cafe but his real passion is to be a movie director but things didn’t go as planned. When these two cross paths, and exchange numbers; something unplanned happens. They soon become almost completely inseparable, sharing their deepest anxieties, and secret dreams. A new love sparks, and shines before either one of them would have expected.

Penny can be described as a chill, but also a fun person. She is shy but learns to communicate her feelings over time. She knows what she likes and wants but sometimes needs a sign to let everybody else know. In Texas, not only is it a leap to further her writing but also a leap to finally be who she wants to be. When she meets Sam it is like she can’t pinpoint why she likes him at first but then she realizes, she is just like her. Even though he is older, she is just as wise.

I love Sam’s character, he is definitely a cutie. With his talent for baking and his job working in a cafe, he isn’t overlooked. Still he knows his real passion is to be a movie director. Life was not always kind to him and he has worked hard, struggled, and almost gave up his passion. As he gets closer to Penny she shows him how he can love someone more than yourself; and work towards your dreams. Penny and Sam together are definitely relationship goals.

Another thing that makes the book great is that it feels like it was written for teens and young adults. With the street language and references that only most young adults get, is what makes the books even more interesting. I also think this book is one every young adult should read because it is so real. The author also includes her viewpoint on Asian families are, many can relate. I personally am Korean, so reading this made me feel right at home.

With the author including her own viewpoints and feelings towards topics, this made the book even more beautiful than it already was.