The Blood of a Warrior by Tony Tonakanyan 

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A breeze of wind sent from the top of the conjoined mountains of Ararat flows down then travels across a plain of grass. The wind is met with a man and becomes his final breath before he leads to shelter his country distant from evil. Beside him is a handful of willful soldiers each one with a spear and a shield. Brave-hearted and tall on his horse, he stares at the massive army with pointy helmets whose armor would camouflage with the Sahara desert. He and his men will stand their ground to defend from any foreign nation that threatens to break the souls of folks that settled in their small, but a vigorous empire, and doing so he knows their blood is to inevitably bleed, but not die… The leader of this willful group of soldiers is Katch Vartan. He is the shepherd that chose the land under his feet which he was born on his herd, and the invaders holding a fifty thousand shamshir swords are the wolves thirsting for innocent blood. A simple denouement of the virtuous vs. the rapacious. A battle that will be analogous to the summary of 1 Samuel 17 of The Old Testimate.