Bachelor Season 24 Review


The Bachelor is a reality TV show on ABC that has been on air since 2002. This season of the Bachelor has been very controversial and the choice of the Bachelor this season has been criticized. Many on platforms like Twitter are dubbing it as the worst season of the Bachelor. The goal of the show is for one male to date 25

women and narrow them down until he finds his true love in the time span of a couple of months. 3
The season 24 Bachelor, Peter Webber, has been put on blast for rewarding drama as well as being indecisive and many watchers including myself believe that this season is overproduced.
The first overproduced element was seen in the first episode between Kelley and Peter. It was revealed that they had met before shooting the show in a hotel by accident which seemed fine until there was a group date at the very same hotel where Kelley and Peter met. This whole occurrence was very inorganic and seemed very fabricated. The fabricated storylines did not end there, the next event that really made the show seem scripted occurred on Peter and Victoria’s one on one date in Ohio. At the end of the date, the producers surprised both Peter and Victoria to a performance of country singer Chase Rice. We later find out that Chase was Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. This was no accident and this was completely planned to create more drama for the show. According to Peter, Chase, and Victoria, they were completely blindsided. The producers this season more than ever are trying to escalate the dramatics of the show which is actually backfiring for the worse because it comes off as inauthentic.
During the Tell All episode of the Bachelor many of the former contestants conveyed their disappointment with how Peter handled some situations. The women asked Peter whether he regrets the way he acted towards certain situations but Peter claims he does not because he was following his heart and intuition at the time. Although some are disappointed by this season, the views on the Bachelor are good as ever. The finale is very surprising and something Bachelor viewers have never seen before and I think that is what continuously draws viewers. The teasers for the finale have been intriguing and the world is very interested to see the end of Peter’s bachelor journey.