Top 10 Activities to do During Quarantine


During these difficult times, we are all urged to quarantine ourselves to avoid contracting COVID-19, as well as for the safety of others. Throughout this time, people have started finding ways to keep themselves entertained and prevent boredom as much as possible. So what is there to do? These are 10 ideas of what you can do to keep yourself entertained during the quarantine.

1. Cooking or Baking

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Take this time to try any cooking or baking recipes that you’ve been wanting to try. There are so many on the internet. There are celebrities who also have their own recipes. Find your inner chef and unleash it during these times. Get creative with your family dinner by dressing up according to different themes each night. For example, one night can be a Disney night and the next can be a decades theme. Moments like those create great bonding experiences.

2. Redecorate your room


Now is the time to fix your room and switch some things up! Redecorating your room can be fun if you get creative with it. Look online to get some inspiration. Try putting up some photos or buy photos to make a collage on your wall. Spice up your room by adding some plants (fake or real). Buy some fun lights to put in your room, so your room lights up at night. Just don’t forget to disinfect your packages if you order anything online.

3. Arts and Crafts

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Anything having to do with art is fun. Try painting a sunset, draw a self-portrait of yourself, upcycle your clothes, create a new piece of clothing, try a makeup look, or make a song. There are endless things to create. It takes up a lot of time, but you won’t even notice if you just have fun with it.

4. Video Chat


Missing friends or family members? Set up a time to video chat with each other and just check up on each other. Apps like Houseparty let you video chat people and play games at the same time, or have your own Zoom party with friends.

5. Watch TV or a Movie


Watch the shows or movies you have been wanting to watch. Make yourself popcorn, grab some candy, or ice cream, and just enjoy an hour or two being entertained. There are also apps like Airtime where you can watch a movie with your friends while video chatting with them.

6. Exercise

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Exercising may not seem very exciting, but it is important to stay active. There are some gym trainers or dance choreographers who do live streams of them teaching a class. If you’re not in the mood to exercise try taking walks around your neighborhood but stay 6 ft away from people and wear a mask. There are many different types of exercising, and this is a chance to see what works best for you.

7. Journal

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In a journal you can write whatever you want. Just write down whatever comes to mind. Journaling is a great destresser especially during times like this.

8. Pamper Yourself

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Make your own spa by setting up a bubble bath and setting the mood with candles and music. Put on a facemask, or make your own. Take this time to ease back and relax.

9. Learn Something New

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It’s always good to have skills and now is the perfect time to gain some new ones. Try learning a new language, to sew, to play an instrument, to dance, figure out a rubix cube, learn coding, to garden, and so much more.

10. Read


Have a series you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time, well now is the perfect time to. Reading a book can let you escape reality and into your imagination. It keeps you well entertained and intrigued.