Student Loss of Focus During Online Classes


Creative Commons, Public domain

Students face off many distractions during these times.

During these unprecedented times, people are asked to remain at home due to the epidemic that has seized our world. Society is already beginning to adjust to this change, starting with teenagers in high school. Students are now required to take upon a new challenge: online classes. This sudden and unpredicted change brings us to the question: how do online classes affect high schoolers?                        As of March of 2020, students began their online courses and were expected to commit to this change of pace. However, as a result of this, a new kind of obstacle arose. According to the New York Times, “the growth of online education is hurting a critical group: the less proficient students who are precisely those most in need of skilled classroom teachers”. This new teaching method is harming students in need of a proper classroom setting and skilled teachers to understand what they are being taught. In addition, online learning does not provide any guarantee that students will actually pay attention or do any work at all.
Problems within a problem were also evident from the start: many students do not have computer or internet access at home. To combat this, schools provided students with laptops and free internet access.  Although this did facilitate online learning slightly, it was not to an extent to which remote learning became efficient.
“Online learning is not efficient, due to the lack of interest students are giving to this matter, as well as the fact that the student’s focus is compromised by other things as well.” Thinh Nguyen, a student at Taft, said.
Let’s say that all connectivity problems were solved, and all students could still learn online. If we leave the previous problems aside, there are still issues with students themselves are harming themselves by not making the effort to learn and participate in classwork. Some students are deciding to just ignore online classes and assignments and thrust themselves into the seemingly endless abyss of what today’s entertainment has grown to be. With the vast array of entertainment options, everyday distractions, and lack of motivation that comes with attending a school in person, schools are struggling in order to keep their students, well, studying.