Celebrities Flock to Social Media to Entertain Isolated Fans


The current Covid-19 crisis has caused many unwelcome changes to occur in addition to the ever-rising death toll, one of which being in the entertainment industry. Many fans had purchased expensive tickets to concerts or shows they’d been eyeing for months, but due to the pandemic, performers were unable to host them. As a result of these changes, fans around the world took to social media, some posting Tiktoks of them crying because of missing an opportunity, while others went on to create memes or posts about how much they were looking forward to the event.

However, performers have made it clear that no inconvenience or obstacle can stop them from uniting since most of them have found several social media platforms to engage with and serenade their followers live. Artists such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, John Legend, and many more frequently go live on Instagram to entertain their followers while they isolate from crowds, sparking the hashtag “#TogetherAtHome.” Instagram’s head of global partnerships, Charles Porch, told NBC News, “I think in times like this, and when times get tough, [celebrities are] turning to Instagram to connect with fans to, first, help get out really good information like washing your hands and staying home and the next phase now, which is coming together with the community.”

Singer Miley Cyrus has started her own show on Instagram live, held from Mondays through Fridays where she shares what she calls “bright-minded stories” which basically are stories that reflect the positive aspects of this virus and all things that have had a positive impact from the virus. Cyrus is joined by different singers and artists like Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato, with approximately 50 million people on the platform watching them. Singer John Legend and his wife amused their audience by performing covers of their favorite songs like “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” They also sometimes live stream their day to day activities and share with their audience what they do to keep themselves busy.
“Hobby time”, a show hosted live by the SNL star Melissa Villansenor scheduled at 2 p.m. E.T every day, immerses fans with activities like drawing or exercising while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere, elevating several sorrowed and miserable moods at home.

Artist Billie Eilish also took to a live stream where she pleaded with her young fans to social distance, not for themselves but for the older generations and to flatten the curve. “I’ve seen a lot of young people out in the world, like, all over the place going to the club or going to the beach or like just going out or hanging out, and it’s really irresponsible,” said Eilish on a lengthy Instagram post. Similarly, artists all around the world supporting Eilish have released their own statements regarding the pandemic. In a live concert where Pakistani singer Ali Zafar live-streamed himself performing his new songs and debuting his recent album, he instructed his followers to stay at home and stay with their families during this time.

So, as much as we feel lost and alone at this time, our favorite celebrities have shown up to support us by hosting shows meant to entertain and uplift our moods. They are an ever-present reminder that we are not alone during this stressful time and we will get through it together.]