Senior Parade


On May 8th, Taft Charter High School’s teachers, staff, parents, and class of 2020 graduates gathered around the school from the safety of their cars to celebrate the seniors at Taft. Due to the pandemic canceling major senior events, especially something as crucial as graduation, Taft wanted to do something special in honor of the seniors. Students were instructed to remain in their cars and were given yard signs for them to place outside their homes for others to see as they drove through the campus of cheering teachers and staff.

This event was important to seniors, as they had been anticipating their graduation day and the special recognition that comes with it. And, after working for that moment for the past 4 years, Taft’s teachers and staff made the effort to prove that they were there to support the graduates, despite everything that has been happening in the world.  The overall message from the teachers to students was that, despite the current situation, students should continue to move forward with their lives and work to achieve their goals.

The event was highly emotional for students as they realized that their time at Taft had come to a close and they were now entering the adult world.  Although it is unfortunate that the seniors weren’t able to be given the “good-bye” they first envisioned, the senior parade was an incredibly kind gesture for graduates and allowed them one last farewell. Taft graduates of 2020, Visionaries, remember your worth and know that you have made it in history.