Seven Day Challenge to Re-Motivate Yourself (While Staying Inside)

A desk, a lamp, a chair, a computer, a pencil, a paper, and isolation. This has been the reality for almost every student across America and especially those a part of the LAUSD district. With less to do outside of school work, students are spending more time on the couch and less time doing the activities that used to bring them joy. Motivation is the biggest obstacle to undergraduate students, says the NASFAA (National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators). So what is there to do? People love to challenge themselves and this article was created in order to take advantage of that to help you get motivated during the pandemic.

Preface: The days are recommendations, if you are free on the first and last day you start this challenge you’ll be alright.

(Sunday)Day One- Set Out Your Routine


Creating a routine is one of the best ways to get motivated because it will give you a direction to go in. Some things you should include in your routine are:

  • A playlist to wake up to: Waking up to music you enjoy will help you get energized for the start of your day
  • Fix your sleep schedule: Don’t wake up 5 minutes before class, at least 30 minutes should give you enough time for the next goal
  • Do a morning activity that is unrelated to school work
  • Set a goal: This isn’t something like a new year’s resolution. You should set a goal that will re-develop a habit or hobby you may have dropped during quarantine that brings you joy. Set aside some allotted time to do this activity
  • Take a break: Some of us might want to finish our school work right after it has been assigned, but you won’t be procrastinating if you take a nap or relax after school, it can actually do you more good. You will have more energy to complete your work and likely get it done faster
  • Pressure: Often if you aren’t motivated enough to move pressure will get you going

(Monday)Day Two-Workout


Routines are nice and they give you direction, but it’s good to change things up! Add time into your schedule to work out, just for this day. You should do this in the morning before class to wake yourself up!

Recommendations include: Yoga, Dance, or Workout along with a Youtube video.
Working out or just moving your body is a great way to wake up and get energized.

(Tuesday)Day Three-Try Something New


Quarantine has given us more time to ourselves and therefore it is a great time to try out new things. Do a hobby you’ve never tried before, even if it’s something you might be adverse to. Even if you end up hating it, at least you’ll know now rather than later.
(Wednesday)Day Four-Clean


You’ve likely become disinclined to work or found yourself being lethargic during quarantine and maybe tried to clean once or twice but never really finished. Take today to clean your room after you’ve divided it into sections and clean a different section during different times of the day.
(Thursday)Day Five-Relax, Read, Relive


Unproductivity can be caused by a cycle of worry from not being able to balance free time and work. Take this time to relax, read, learn something new or remember something old like a childhood tv show. Changing up your routine and reminding yourself to relax is an important step to remotivating yourself.
(Friday)Day Six-Bake/Cook Using A New Recipe


Remember when everyone used to go to Starbucks on a daily basis? Well if you were one of those people, or at least enjoyed Starbucks, maybe you might like the idea of making your own drink. If you don’t have the materials, use what you do have! It doesn’t have to be a drink, bake or cook a new dish you wouldn’t usually and enjoy the reward.
(Saturday)Day Seven-Focus on Yourself


This is the last day of the challenge and hopefully, this has helped to improve your productivity. After a long six days, today you can just focus on yourself:

  • Manage your skin routine
  • Create your next great outfit
  • Do a puzzle
  • Do a simple project like in art or science class that you could decorate your room with
  • Buy a new game or item online


Changing up your schedule while still planning things out is a good mix to leading a successful and fulfilling life. If you find this challenge helpful after trying it for the first seven days, you could turn it into the structure of your routine and repeat them each week. I hope this has helped you revive your sense of motivation.