Toreador Spotlight: Mrs. Aviv, Taft’s Newest Admin


Taft Tribune staff had the privilege of interviewing Mrs. Aviv, the newest addition to the Taft Charter High School staff! As a mother of two and a lover of math, Mrs. Aviv shared some of her experiences in the workforce as well as her new role at Taft. Mrs. Aviv says that she’s an optimist, and believes that the most important thing for Taft students to do is have a desire to succeed in school and in life.

Mrs. Aviv has worked in various places and positions. Before being involved in schools, Mrs. Aviv worked as a manager in customer sales for a Hi-Tech manufacturing company. She started her school-related careers by becoming a 7th and 8th-grade math teacher and afterward worked at Chatsworth High for 8 years. During her time there, she was involved as a teacher, special ed coordinator, title 3 coach, and then went back to college to earn her master’s degree. After 8 years at Chatsworth, Mrs. Aviv went to work at her local District Office as a math coach coordinator but missed the feeling of working in a school and went to work as an assistant principal at Portola. Eventually finding herself at Taft as an Assistant Principal.

When asked about how Taft has shown to be different from her other jobs, Mrs. Aviv talked about how Taft is a bigger school and has more work to be done. She enjoys her position at Taft, for it is different from anything that she has done before and she likes the experience. As one in four assistant principals here, Mrs. Aviv oversees activities and has the job of scheduling, approving, and finding ways to fund said activities to allow Taft students to enjoy their high school experience. 

She describes herself as an optimist and thinks all of the programs here at Taft should be funded if it’s possible to do so. She knows that every student is unique, and she works with groups, fundraisers, and manages donations that allow Taft programs to continue to receive funds that help them thrive. 

Mrs. Aviv wants all Taft students to not only graduate high school and be prepared for college but to be motivated to do their best, feel that they belong here at Taft, to have fun and make the most of their time in high school. She wants all students to do well, work hard, and succeed, and do so with a happy heart to allow themselves to do the best in their lives.