Homecoming Week 2018

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During School Spirit Week, students celebrate their school pride by participating in activities related to the school’s sports teams, wearing school colors. Spirit Week is usually held during the week before the school’s homecoming. One of the parts of School Spirit Week that students enjoy the most is dressing according to a different theme each day.


Pajama Day: October 1st

What do you think of when you hear the word pajamas? Most likely you think of bedtime, not school. Taft students and staff wore pajamas to school feeling comfortable and cozy.



Celebrity Day: October 2nd

The popular celebrities change every year, but dressing up like a celebrity never ceases to be fun for students. If students do not have a favorite celebrity to dress up as, they dressed up as a generic celebrity by wearing a red carpet worthy gown or tuxedo.



Marvel/Disney Day: October 3rd

KA-CHOW !! It was a marvelous day!! Many students and staff wore any clothing of disney or marvel theme.


Jersey Day: October 4th

Jersey Day is when students expressed their fandom for their favorite professional players.


Spirit day: October 5th

Spirit Day is when we show our Taft Pride and wear our school colors. T-House!   



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