Why Seniors Should Attend Senior Events

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Why Seniors Should Attend Senior Events

  Attention all seniors at Taft Charter High School!! This is the year! As seniors, activities and fantastic events are being hosted just for you. Senior Picnic, Game Day, Movie Night, Karaoke Night, and much more! The first event of the year was the Senior Picnic which was held at Vasa Park, Agoura Hills.  It was a successful event, with beautiful weather, fun games, and amazing food. The picnic had lots of fun activities for everyone. There was soccer for all the soccer fans, water tag, a water balloon toss, a super slide, a pool, and much more. All around the picnic, there were smiles, laughs, and many memories being made by the 2019 senior class. The Senior Picnic was just the start of all the exciting events to come. Check out some of these pictures from the Senior Picnic!

The second event held was Senior Game Day where all the seniors gathered together to take our famous panoramic picture and play games. Seniors were given the option of either playing all sorts of games with everyone in the gym or watch a movie. The movies offered to the Seniors who didn’t wish to participate in the games were “Coco” and “Black Panther.” Game day included a water balloon toss, tug of war, fun obstacles, life-size hungry hungry hippo, musical chairs, and scavenger hunts. Winners received prizes, whether it be a prom ticket or Taft apparel.  If you are a competitive champ, this was the perfect event for you.

photo from @taftseniors19


These events are an opportunity for all seniors to get together, bond, create new friendships, and make the last year as memorable as possible. Luckily there will be more events held this year for you seniors to join in and make the most of it.


Upcoming events not to miss!

Movie Night

Karaoke Night


Senior Sunset

Senior Brunch



Dates will be updated as these events get closer.