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Schoology is a program used by many schools to keep track of things such as grades, assignments, work due, and etc. it was created to help students keep track and turn assignments in on time online and at any time. If a teacher were to assign an assignment online you can work on it any time and turn it in on any time you could even finish early.


Some students agree that they do not like Schoology for multiple reasons. Mainly it is controversial in that it is different than what most people are used to. Jupiter was the preferred method of grade book that provides online access to students’ grades for the last few years, otherwise many people were used to turning in assignments by hand and having grades be put on the paper and returned to them. In Schoology, assignments are turned in and graded online. This isn’t the only problem some students face, however, with the need to remember to check Schoology and turn assignments in, as well as the learning curve of the platform for students, teachers, and parents.

However, Schoology can be a good thing as it shows students their most current grades and current and upcoming assignments for them to complete. If the student checks it often, they can know exactly when assignments are due and can turn them in online from anywhere.


Schoology is becoming more widely accepted, as technology is becoming more integrated into school systems. Soon, students will begin their education using Schoology and it will become the default system. People will eventually adapt to it, and although it may be a slow process, it will become a common learning management system and resource.

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