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Taft Tribune

2018-2019 Staff

Jack Morris

I’m a Senior and a copy editor for the Taft Tribune. I love to surf, spend time with friends, and go to car shows!

Emmy Apreyan

Enthusiastic, charming, and determined journalist!

Luis Ramirez

Senior. Photographer.

Mathew Gleizer

I am Mathew Gleizer and I am a sophomore athlete just trying to get to school on time.

Marek Amirkhizi

I dance 24/7 and got bored so I decided to write articles for the newspaper.

Aria Taherian

First-time senior, long time reader. Copy Editor. Managing Editor. I do all the things.   Kinda.

Destiny Clark

Hey, it's Destiny! I am a senior at Taft Charter High School and I am your new photo editor!

Kelly Cervantes

  Hi! My name is Kelly Cervantes. I am 17 years old and I am senior at Taft. Some information about me is that I am very tiny (5ft). I am Mexican American but people can never guess where I am from. My favorite an...

Bram Montijo

Freshman at Taft Charter High School, Photo Editor for Taft Tribune.

Sela Ortiz

My name is Sela Ortiz. I am a freshman and I am on the Instagram team!

Daniella Ramirez


Edgar Rodriguez

My name is Edgar Rodriguez, I like all type of sports. My personal favorite is soccer and I play for the school soccer team. This is my last year in high school and I hope it will be the best year yet....

Anaché Varteressian

A fighting feminist who will not tolerate any ignorance or idiocy.

Charisma Yousefzadeh

Hi, I’m Charisma and I am a senior at Taft Charter High School. I’m the girl with the duck backpack. Technically I have already graduated from junior college, but am still a senior at Taft. I am not ready to graduate but...

Sara Vela

I am a Senior, I enjoy taking pictures, and dogs are beyond cute

Jasmine Zargaroff

Hi I'm Jasmine Zargaroff I'm 17, I love taking pictures and it’s my last year at Taft. :)

Daniela Cid

Senior at Taft, I enjoy taking pictures and capturing moments.

Jack Morris

Taft High School Junior. Debate captain.

Alexa Cozlovschi

Senior at Taft. Scruffy, Quiet opossum in the back of the classroom. Aspiring artist and reptile enthusiast. ...

Sarah Hunt

Senior at Taft High, Editor in Chief, Avid Reader, Grammar Police, happy to be here.

Briana Alcaraz

Taft senior, 17 years old, likes to socialize with just about everyone.

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