Top 10 Gifts For the Holidays – 2019

December 9, 2019

When it comes to holiday gifts, it is very natural for teens to become picky about what they want. They typically change their holiday gift list quite a few times, which results in you having to stall your holiday shopping. If you are trying to avoid the fuss of scrambling at the last minute for gifts, I suggest you take advantage of some of these simple, affordable, and universally likable presents for teens this holiday season.

Personal Charging Hub
Technology is a major part of an average teen’s everyday life. Charging ports take up a lot of space, and I am sure that all teens alike would appreciate a small confined space utilized ONLY for charging their much needed devices for all day use. You can easily get them from any Urban Outfitters.


LED Light Strips
Lately, teens have been obsessing over these LED light strips that have taken over the internet. These lights are perfect for decorating spaces indoors and outdoors in order to spice things up. You are able to find these LED light strips on amazon for some of the best prices.


Scrunchies are a perfect trending item that are affordable as well as fashionable. These scrunchies are available at Urban Outfitters for twelve dollars a set of four different scrunchies.


Hydro Flask Water Bottle
Whether the person that you are buying for is an athlete, or just a person that likes to fit in with the reusable water bottle trend, hydro flasks are the way to go in order to buy a universally likable gift for all genders. You can buy these hydro flasks off of amazon for roughly thirty dollars.


Face Masks
You can find these affordable, and useful face masks on amazon for 12.99 a pack. They are essential in keeping up with teen breakouts, and skincare mishaps. Anyone would appreciate this simple gesture of a gift…especially since this is an item that most people want to buy, but never get around to.


Personalized Name Necklaces
These necklaces are all the trend as of right now. Girls and guys alike are using these fashionable name necklaces to add in their collection of jewelry. These personalized necklaces give a more intimate gift giving experience versus an average plain Jane necklace . You can get this specific type of name necklace at Naomi Personalized Jewelry, for $29.90.


Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Although teens are a typical group that like to be alone and listen to their favorite music playing in their earbuds as they sit in a corner somewhere, there are occasions that even the quietest of people like to get the music blasting. Wireless speakers are the perfect counterpart for moments like these. These wireless speakers are found on Amazon for a cheap deal of 19 dollars.


Cable Bitters
These adorable (but extremely practical) little critters are completely useful for attaching to the end of a cable cord in order to keep it from becoming damaged/broken. You can buy these at Urban Outfitters for $6.00 a piece.


Cases from Casetify
Teens cradle their phones like babies, making them their number one priority over pretty much anything. Accessorizing their phones is actually really important to most teens, and phone cases are a big deal when expressing yourselves, thus gifting phone cases that are customizable , feel a little more personal. You can get these awesome phone cases from Casetify.


Pop Sockets
Pop sockets are extremely useful for teens that are always using their phone and want a simple, yet BETTER grip. Whether you need a better hold on your phone for taking selfies, or assuring that your phone doesn’t fall on your face while in bed, pop sockets are useful for all sorts of things related. You can find these Popsockets online at Amazon for $10 individually.

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