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Taft Tribune

2019-2020 Staff

Owen Shapiro

Editor in Chief

An Editor-in-Chief for the Taft Tribune and proud Sophomore. As an intern for The Darl (a media marketing company), Owen is a practiced writer and journalist. He is also a huge arts enthusiast as he loves studying film, literature, ...

Zenna Aghajanian

Editor in Chief

Junior at Taft, Editor in Chief, always tired, still trying.

Ava Manzo

Copy Editor

Freshman at Taft High, Copy Editor, Feminist, Avid Reader, Skillful Dancer, and Aspiring Writer.

Christina Avanesian

Copy Editor

 Freshman in Taft High School, Copy Editor, determined, caring, and a passionate writer. 

Gursimran Kaur

Copy Editor

I’m a freshman at Taft Charter High School. I am a copy editor for Taft Tribune. This is my first experience writing for a newspaper and I think it will be very helpful for me in years later on.

Wilber S. Paiz

Copy Editor

Junior, 16, Copy Editor, I write to inform and entertain. I like to sleep. I forget how to walk every now and then, but I'm managing. I'm kind, clueless and partly clumsy.

Jack Morris

Copy Editor

I’m a Senior and a copy editor for the Taft Tribune. I love to surf, spend time with friends, and go to car shows!

Andreea Marinescu

Copy Editor

I am 14 and a freshman at Taft Charter High School. I am a copy editor for the Taft Tribune. I'm also on the tennis team, I hope journalism helps me become a better writer than I am now.

Temaj Tucker


Hey my name is Temaj Tucker and I’m 16. I’m in 11th grade and I am the sports section editor.

Uweoma Baiyee


I’m a Taft Junior, who looks tall but isn’t.

Ziona Walls

Managing Editors

 I love writing. I am a senior at Taft and feel honored to be able to speak my opinion for the Taft Tribune. I look forward to a great year and informing others of what great things life has to offer....

Ray Gaitan

Section Editor

I am 16 years old and I am a junior and I am part of the Instagram team.

Aidan Jones

Managing Editor

Senior at Taft High and a Managing Editor on the Taft Tribune. 

Cameron Dianti

Photo Editor

Hi, my name is Cameron Dianti I am a senior at Taft High School and love Dominos Pizza.

David Dastmozeh

Photo Editor

I am a senior at Taft High School and I enjoy going to the beach.

Dan Irwin

Section Editor

A senior at Taft and the Arts and Entertainment Section Editor for the Taft Tribune, keen book reader and movie watcher.

Michelle Berlin

Section Editor

Opinion section editor, writer, and junior at Taft.

William Paul


  My name is William in 11th grade and I love bacon, sports, and hanging with friends. I am a chill dude who is a photographer for the newspaper.

Helena Asner

Section Editor

I am a freshman at Taft High and Section Editor for the Taft Tribune. Good-ish dancer, talented singer, likes writing, and I love having fun. 

Linett Mata

Section Editor

Junior. Section Editor. Love makeup, writing, and fashion.

Setare Ahdoot

Section Editor

I am a junior, a Section Editor, and I love tennis. I know, I look like Moana. 

Aviva Javaherian

Photo Editor

11th grade. Persian-American. Photo editor. Would single-handedly tip a dozen cows for free stracciatella.

Kayla Jackson

Managing Editor

Managing Editor, ASB Parliamentarian, Senior, and girl who sings way too much!

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