Colors that Bring Positivity into Your Life

February 10, 2020

Although we might not acknowledge it, colors are an essential part of life that we tend to take for granted far too often. Colors are around us almost all the time, making life just a little more beautiful. They convey expression, create atmosphere, and can even affect your mental well being without your knowledge. This makes it increasingly more important to become aware of what colors you are bringing into your life, and how you are working with them.

Psychological Impact
Different feelings and emotions have been scientifically proven to have a close connection with certain colors due to psychological theories such as biological impact and cultural conditioning. These ideas, along with many others, have been implemented into our lives since childhood. Over time we tend to affiliate either positive of negative emotions with certain colors. “Depressed people prefer dull colors like gray over brighter hues” while yellow, on the other hand, is linked to “happiness, cheerfulness and a positive emotional state.” says Bill Hendrick from WebMD. So it is always important to be aware of the colors that you surround yourself with and how they can affect your emotions on a day to day basis.

Top Positive Colors
When it comes to asking the question of which colors can promote a positive mental state, it honestly depends on what type of energy you are looking to be provided with. Some of the most universally profitable colors are bright and warm such as yellow, orange, pink, and red. If you personally are not attracted to such bold colors, other options such as pastels like, peach, light pink, or lilac might be more to your liking. According to Allison Gremillion from 99designs, muted colors are often associated with softness and subtleties that can evoke a “youthful colorful effect”.

How to Bring These Colors to Life
Because life is increasingly quick paced and steady moving, it doesn’t quite seem like we all have the time, money, or effort to so easily revamp our lifestyle in order to accomodate the color selection previously listed. Therefore, some easy ways to bring positive colors into your lifestyle can remain as simple as buying a few more everyday items (mugs, placemats, blankets, pillows), that match the color you want to see more of. Wearing clothes that represent the colors associated with happiness could also be a good way to start counteracting the dullness of a bad or unpleasant day.

Give it Some Time
Although you might be doing everything you can in order to bring bits of positive colors into your life, you shouldn’t expect changes to be made immediately. Things happen at their own pace, and the more you try, the more likely you will be to see results in the near future.

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