Senior Graduation

The moment you graduate from high school is not only filled with joy and happiness, but with memories that you will cherish from that day onward. The satisfaction of seeing your efforts materializing into this event could almost be called magical. There is no replacement for such an event, as it is something high school students look towards from their very first year in school. As for the high school class of 2020, something might not be quite what they expected, the moment they looked up to with so much delight and expectation might not even take place at all.

Due to the current viral epidemic taking place, all events had been cancelled, in order to avoid and contain the spread of this contagious disease. For all people, living with the virus has been a nightmare, but when we bring our focus to the 2020’s graduating class, it has been no less than pure grief. As expected many students have been shocked by this, many of which, according to NYT, said “There’s been so many tears, but I guess the best thing that’s helped me get through it is that I’m not alone,” said Olivia Mathews, 17. Let’s face it, seniors are going to be affected by this not for the remainder of the school year day, but it might also scar their upcoming life after the virus.

However, not all are bad news, there was some glimpse of light in all this darkness, as seniors in William Howard Taft High School had a day focused on them. May 22 marked the day where, seniors were allowed to:
– Be granted Refunds
– Have “Graduation night”
– Have Prom
– Have Awards & Chords
– Access to Senior Gift & Yard Signs
– Student Store
– Panorama Pictures
– Buy Yearbooks

Seniors were expected to stick to the following rules if participating in this event:
1. They had to check in and only enter in their assigned time slot (provided below)
2. Wear face masks
3. Follow the passport provided to navigate the campus
4. Maintain social distancing, so that everyone is safe.
5. Be courteous and patient
6. They must have also checked out when leaving campus

Senior Day Arrival Schedule (by last name)

Time Slots Class of 2020
8 am-9 am  A-Cl
9:15am-10:15am Co-Go
10:30am-11:30 am Gr-La
11:45 am-12:45 pm Le-O
1:00pm-2:00pm P-San
2:15pm-3:15 pm Sap-Z

As of Friday, May 29th, an update was posted on Schoology by Taft’s staff, of which the following information is included:
The current dates for senior events to come are shown below, as well as more information regarding them.
On June 2nd, Cap & Gown Pick Up will take place, please refer to the attached schedule below for more information.
On June 3rd, Senior Awards will take place
On June 13th, Virtual Graduation is expected to happen.
On June 15th, there will be an -On Campus Senior Celebration- going on.
More information regarding these and future (if possible) events are to be expected.

The schedule below applies to the Cap & Gown Pick Up event, to happen on June 2nd, and the Senior Award Ceremony.


Event Date
Cap & Gown Pick Up Tuesday, June 2
Senior Awards Ceremony* Wednesday,…